Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr. Copeland writes with Dire News

[Compiler's Note: This note was found among the Ridenour papers and was thought to be of enough import to add in with the young ladies' correspondence.  It is poorly-spelled and barely legible, but here reproduced word-for-word -- it should be remembered that Mr. Copeland could afford to give his children much better educations than what he himself received.]

March 13, 1861

Dear Miss Ridenour,

I hope not to alarm you with this note, but I rite on behaf of Margaret-Ellen, whoo is very ill.  The hard winter has brawt us all very ill and low - and I am sarry to say has gone hardist on the women.  Our old Cleo, who nurst M. as a babe, was carryed off to our Savyor but this mornin, and M.'s fevre is worse since she herd the news.  The dokter say it is the newmonia and that we must trust to the Lord fer Delivrance for medisin can do no more.

I do not rite to alarm you, and I hope this finds you in gud helth and spirit, but I pray you will rite to Her fer yor lettres always put her in good spirit and we men are all useless beests when it komes too keepin her happy and comfertable - I do hope you will rite soone - it will give her sumthing to looke forwerd too.

Keepe us in yor prayers as you all ar in ours.  Sincerlee,

                                                                            J. Copeland

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